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The Contractor's Legal Kit

“I have had the opportunity to work with Gary a few times during my career as a contractor here in Santa Cruz. Gary wrote all the contracts for a large custom home I was working on as the project manager for the homeowner. The documents covered everything from bid packages to lien releases and the project, which lasted three years, was completed without any problems.
I was asked to arbitrate a small case with Gary and another local construction attorney. I found Gary to be fair and reasonable and I have a great deal of respect for Gary from both a legal and a builder perspective.  We too, still use his legal documents from the Contractor’s Legal Kit!”

Jeff Talmadge, President                                 
Talmadge Construction, Inc.                            

“As homeowners taking on an challenging gut-remodel project we learned a lot by working with Gary Ransone where he coached us through the contractor selection, negotiation, risk management and contract drafting. Gary has seen the good, bad and the ugly from both contractor’s and homeowner’s perspectives and is capable of arguing from either side fluently. Our intent was to select a contractor that had the highest potential to deliver a project to meet the Passivhaus standard, a first in the County of Santa Cruz, at the best value and minimize our risk. He advised us on taking steps to minimize risk and drafted a strong and fair contract. We recommend homeowners and contractors to work with Gary. Not only is he competent and responsive, he has a good sense of humor and clearly explains concepts and details to homeowners with no building trades experience.”

Chie Kawahara                                               

Midorihaus Project                                                        

“Gary and I go back quite a few years and I have been able to sit down with him on numerous occasions and receive valuable in sites to keep business transactions on an even keel. His knowledge both of the legal aspects and the experience of many years of actual working in the trades make his approach a real asset in both construction and Real Estate. Thank-you Gary”

Dan Forshner                                                 

Dan Forshner Construction, Inc.                      

“Our firm is both architecture and construction. I first became aware of Gary through the use of his “Contractor’s Legal Kit” and then realizing he was a local attorney. I have ask Gary for contract advise and used his services many time for real estate deals and most importantly to stay out of court. The experience and the outcome has always been very good.”

John Fiorovich                                                

“I recommend Gary Ransone . He’s my local go-to guy for legal construction advice. His “The Contractor’s Legal Kit” contains a wealth of information. Give him a call.”

Mike Hartrich                                                 


“I have worked with Gary on numerous occasions over the past 10 years and I appreciate his integrity, knowledge and direct approach. His goal, in our dealings, has always been to prepare and present a fair and equitable contract for both parties involved. He is thorough and concise and has always treated me with the utmost respect and honesty. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who needs construction related legal services.”

Marc Susskind                                                

MS Builders                                                    

“As a subcontractor I’ve used Gary’s services to rewrite contracts that were not in my interest. It has always worried me when I get a contract from the General and it’s over an inch thick with no reference any where to my original proposal. Gary has always been fair and thorough in making sure I’m protected before I sign on the dotted line.  I would recommend Gary to any contractor needing help with understanding the law.”

Dave Pettigrew                                              

Owner Diamond D Co.                                    

“Gary Ransone has been a great help to our business. His publication “The Contractor’s Legal Kit”, is what we have based our construction contracts on. In addition, he has helped us write contracts for unique projects and given us legal advice when we have needed it. It is so refreshing to talk to a lawyer who has such a great understanding of construction law AND methods of construction. Gary really “gets it” and is easy to talk with. He has become an important part of our business and I highly recommend him.”

Josh Meschi                                                   

“I recommend Gary Ransone, Esq. to the building trades.
I have worked on and off with Gary for about two decades here in the Santa Cruz area. Gary is a very knowledgeable and well seasoned construction attorney. I know a fair deal about construction disputes and I strongly recommend that any construction business law questions or problems that you have – you take to someone who specializes in it – like Gary Ransone, Esq.
Gary is an excellent choice.”

Myles F. Corcoran, CEO                                      
Myles F. Corcoran Construction Consulting, Inc.   

“Gary Ransone is a clear thinker helping to navigate the complex system of construction law. The Contractors Legal Kit is a comprehensive resource; I have used his contracts for the past 15 years and find them to be invaluable, proven over the test of time. A good contract protects both the contractor and the homeowner. Gary understands how to support a win/win relationship through contracts that actually communicate what is important for both parties. Over the years, I have consulted with Gary several times and he has been extremely informative and helpful. The construction industry is complex, especially for my business as a design build company. Gary has distilled his experience and knowledge and is an excellent resource to the Santa Cruz community. He is a big fish in a little pond, much to our benefit.”

Michele Landegger                                          
Boa Constructor Building and Design                

“I have worked with Gary Ransone several times over the past twenty years and have never been disappointed with the legal outcome. When the unexpected arises, as we all know it can, I put my trust, and faith in Gary knowing that he will apply his vast knowledge of Law, and General Contracting to work to get the very best results possible. I couldn’t ask for a better Friend, Attorney, or Construction Contract Advisor.”

Sandy G. Charney                                          
General Contractor                                         

Regarding the Contractor’s Legal Kit, authored by Gary Ransone:

“For the cost of 15 to 30 minutes of your lawyer’s time, you will get thousands of dollars of legal worth…get this book before you lose another dollar.”

Linda W. Case, president                                 

Remodeling Consulting Services, Inc.               

Author and Speaker                                        

“I am pleased to highly recommend The Contractor’s Legal Kit…it will enhance contractor’s ability to manage larger projects profitably, professionally and with a minimum of legal disputes.”

Thomas C. O’Brien, Esq.                                  

Rehab Contractor and Practicing Attorney         

Construction and Real Estate Law                     

“The Kit should be required reading for newcomers to the industry…but its depth and thoroughness will provide even the most seasoned contractor with a wealth of new ideas and insights.”

James F. Carnemark, CR, CKD                         

Award Winning Restoration &                           

Design Build Contractor